Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sparked My Pinterest 04 :Going to Cuba!

Let's do another round of Sparked My Pinterest. Today's will be themed.

Going to Cuba!

That's right Kev and I just booked an all inclusive trip to Cuba for the end of March. Considering how tired of winter I am already, the sun and sand can't come close enough! So here are some of the things that have sparked my pinterest lately!

Places to See How about the breatiful sea cliffs in Varadero? If vacationing in cuba is known for one thing, it certainly is beautiful beaches.

Things to Wear With all my summer clothes packed away, it's hard to remember what bikini's look like. Here is some of the resort wear I'd love to be wearing while I walk down the shore.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

So how am I getting ready for Cuba? Eating clean and training dirty! Joined an MMA style bootcamp, finally activated my passport to prana, and hitting the running track!

Going anywhere warm to escape winter? Happy Pinning!

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