Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Customer Service

Last night turned in to a random date night with the bf and I. We left school/the lab around 6 and headed out to get our skates sharpened (for a super romantic Friday evening we have planned) and then wander the mall while we waited and potentially grab some food (I was thinking food court).

While wandering the mall, he thought about buying boots, and didn't....thought about buying a sweater....and didn't and thought about buying another sweater....and didn't. I on the other hand visited the boots I've decided I want for Christmas.... they live at Town Shoes and are on sale for $199 right now!!! In case you're interested, they're tan mid length Manitobah MukLuks.
Annnnnd they would keep my Christmas boots from last year excellent company! My Minnetonka boots!

What else did we do at the mall?! We held puppies at the pet store...and I made pet eyes at Kevin because he hasn't bought me a present yet, and wouldn't a puppy be cute.... cute but not practical (you can't have one yet Sara, you know this).

And so why is this post titles Great Customer Service, well as we were wandering we decided why not sit down and have real dinner at Milestones!

I got a bellini... image from their menu clearly... as it took the menu along with it. Mine had a tiny bull cow on top of it. Lisa I thought of you.

Anyways, the seasonal mushroom soup we ordered to share came out right away (super tasty, doesn't need added pepper). Then then we sat a while... now Kev and I don't usually notice long waits because we entertain each other very well and never are at a loss for things to talk about. But lets say it was a bit slow.

Suddenly a manager is at are table, to say sorry our mains have been 20min, and probably another 5ish, and did we want anything while we were waiting. And I thought that was nice of her to come buy and update us.

Then our mains came out, he had steak and I had the Californian style burger with added Mozzarella cheese (cause I like cheese). And they were awesome, I almost managed to eat the whole thing. And we were full...but then our waiter comes and says, would you like a dessert menu, it would be on us because you had to wait for your meals.

What, free desert, and we didn't even have to wine or say anything to get it. Heck yes I can make room for that. So we split a giant chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream, and it was like heaven in our mouths (only that's not the word that was used).

Aaaaand not only was the desert free, but they gave us the soup free too!

People that was the single best customer service I have ever had in my life! I told Kev, man I better blog about this! They deserve a good review.

Allllsooo they have just solved the debate, permanently, that comes to mind when I'm at market mall and think, where do I want to go for dinner. Milestones or Moxies. Well people, Milestones it is!

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