Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Days of Listmas: Calgary Blogs!

Hey it's not midnight yet, so I can still bring you a list today.

But first, Yesterday I got something wonderful from the post office.

You guessed it, my blogger, Favourite Things, Christmas swap present, from the loverly Maria over at Little Miss Cornucopia!

And as you can probably imagine, it was chuck full of lovely things!

Oh yeah, individually wrapped good times!

And what was inside all those wrappings, a new dream journal, a smashing sparkly pen, forever nuts tea from david's (incidentally, this is one of my favourite teas), burts bees (essential for Calgary land of the perpetually chapped lips) a super cute tree ornament shaped like a Starbucks to-go cup, and chocolate (sweet sweet chocolate).

So Maria, thank you ever so much for putting such thought, care and awesomeness into this package! And I hope you have a perfect holiday season!

If you want to see what everyone else got, we're all linked up over at All you need is Love. So you can click the picture below to go there.

What else is totally amazing? Yesterday I bought gas for less than a dollar a liter! You have no idea how thrilled I was about that (way back when, before I could even drive gas in Ontario went over a dollar, and as they hastily added room for an extra 1 to all the price signs, my father told me "That's it, you'll never see it go under a dollar again." Well guess what, turns out all I had to do was move to the province the gas comes from!).

Finally tonight I made a singly sized strawberry and apply pie, in about 5min prep time and 35min baking. I'll get a recipe up as soon as I perfect it!

OK! oh and you may notice some changes happening around here in the next little while (let's just say I have big plans for 2013!) don't let them confuse you too much, posts will continue as usual until Christmas at least!

Finally today's list.

The 5th day of Listmas : 12 Calgary Blogs to check out over the holidays!
  1. Scribbles and Sass by Laura 
  2. All you need is love by Leigh 
  3. The Fit Housewife by Jen 
  4. Life and Times of Alison and Justin by Alison 
  5. Nut Case in Point by Jen 
  6. The Next Chapter by Lacey 
  7. The Guiltless Life by Anna 
  8. Runner Leana by Leana 
  9. For the Love of Shoes by Leslie 
  10. A Running Tale byLindsey 
  11. Born Electric by Suzanne
  12.  Life to the Full by Bonnie

If you want to see some more great Calgary blogs you can click the link in the header, and if there are any I'm missing be sure to let me know in the comments!

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The Second Day of Listmas: Holiday Movie Picks
The Thrid Day of Listmas: Things I put off till the last minute
The Fourth Day of Listmas: Books I want for Christmas

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