Thursday, August 2, 2012

Uptown 17th - Galaxie Diner on 11th

Recently some friends and I finally went to check out this little diner....literally around the corner from my apartment.

Galaxie Diner -  all day Calgary Breakfast.

And although we ate it at a normal breakfast time, I'd likely have to agree.

With it's 1950's retro aesthetic, and true diner set up you have to expect great things right? It is a bit tight inside, so expect a bit of a wait for a table during peak breakfast hours.

But once the food comes....soooo good, I had the french toast with bottomless hash browns. And don't forget to add grilled banana to it, and use lots of real maple syrup.

When I packed up the second slice, I got another huge scoop of hash browns to go as well, free!

Other menu highlights include:

  • Calgary's only omelette of choice - get as many  things in your omelette as you want
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Hash - done up the way any good hash should be
  • The breakfast burritos - two huge burritos for only $14 again with bottomless hash browns
Anyways if you're in the neighbourhood, this place is for sure worth trying! They also have an all day lunch menu..... only down side is they're only open until which point I'm pretty sure they just move next door to Myhre's Deli... the Montreal Smoked Meat shop next door (still have to try this one).

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