Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 Recap

Wow I can't believe summer already over. This morning I woke up to find the temperature outside was a brisk 6 degrees, and when I was home in the Soo last weekend, about 10% of the trees had already turned their leaves. While fall is possibly my favourite season (as I was telling the boy this morning, nothing beats the smells of fall) this has been a great summer, and August has been an exciting month for my little old blog. So let's take a look back why don't we?

This August saw me hitting a whopping 25 followers on GFC, which I am very proud of, thank you very much; as well as over 5000 page views (equally as much as I'd had since I started on this blog over a year ago). I also had my most post happy month, with this one being number 22!

I made some major changes round here, rearranging my layout a couple times to include things like social networking icons on the left and button swaps on the right (if you're interested, send me an email).

On to my favourite posts in Aug!

I ran in Calgary's Spartan Race with the Boy, and received the most page view ever from a reddit bump!

I reflected back on my childhood, inspired by Hasbro's return of the Furby.

Sarah and I went down to YYC Taste the Trucks 2, and I stuffed my face in the sunshine.

And speaking of delicious food, I finally had breakfast at Galaxy Diner, after nearly a full year of living right around the corner.

Anyways, I hope your August's were just as eventful! Now I get to start looking forward to Sept, to welcoming new (foolish) grad students to Calgary (why would you have voluntarily signed yourself up for this), to taking my final Graduate class, to finishing my research proposal once and for all, to another round of begging the government for money, and to enjoying myself as much as I can before winter sets in.


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