Monday, August 13, 2012

3 Awesome Easy Nail Tutorials

So if you're anything like me, you like to have your nails painted, you're crappy at painting one hand versus the other and you want your nails to look classy (and not like they belong on a 13 year old girl). Here's 3 great, easy looks that change things up from the normal one colour routine (or my go to, one colour plus a stripe!).

1. Neon Rainbow/Ombre Nails...this video comes to us from Nikkie Tutorials and this exciting paint job looks easy enough to pull off that your right hand might even look as good as your left when your done. This technique can also be easily adapted to do a two colour ombre effect.

2. Louboutin comes via NailsFreakBlog... and I've never considered painting the underside of my nails before, but just like that classic pop of red under shoes I'll never afford (tears) this look is in my opinion both classy and vampy.

3. Crackle Nails....this is one I've been doing all summer long, especially when travelling (I find if you chip your polish with crackled nails, it's not as noticeable) Anyways there's a 1000 odd videos on youtube for this, but all you do is throw on a bright undercoat (I like neons best) and then go over it with a quick layer of the crackle polish (mine's from Sally Hanson) and you do have to be quick, as it starts to crackle right away, then top coat and you're done.

Anyways, these are three great, simple ways to do your nails, that don't require extensive technique with tiny brushes and stuff. And you can do all three looks in relatively little time!


Now I seriously need to get back to my research proposal.....any second now.

~~~~Update! I tried technique number one last night, here's the results:

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Isn't that just about the least attractive picture of fingers ever?


also Elycia and Kaylah just posted a hilarious how to video on nail stickers, you should promptly check it out!

Living better with Leslie and Janet: Nail Stickers

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