Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Blog its Been a While

Today is a good day....and that's saying a lot for a monday, especially one which is raining, which is following a weekend when my credit card apperntly went to Hong Kong without me and which is following a night when I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 due to the apparent domestic going on in the ally behind my building.

But today is a good day, mainly because for the first time in weeks and weeks... months and months really I am not rushing towards some deadline, or a flight somewhere, or a major meeting.

 Flying into the Sault in an Air Canada Jazz Turbo Prop

For the last 3 months, I have packed myself up, had Kevin drive me to the airport, and flown off to some other destination (Cuba, Boston and most recently Ontario). The travel has been for work, vacation, and to visit family. All of it has gone great, and I can't say that I don't truly enjoy it, but lately it has felt like time is flying buy, and I don't know what month it is let alone even what day of the week it is. The time I am back in the lab in between jet setting has been filled with sytematically working my way through pressing checklists, and every weekend it seems like we have someone else's birthday to celebrate.

 The view from my hotel in Toronto, and a self photo of me in confrence clothes, which I had honest intentions of posting last Thursday for What to Wear: "your power outfit".

But finally I have a break from it all. In 18days I have my candidacy exam, and you might call me crazy to hear me say that right now I am considering studying for the biggest exam of my academic career to be a break. But really, in  a way it is. I have only the one deadline, and having moved myself up out of the lab and into a private study room, nothing pressing to do other than study, and take breaks from studying...for 18 whole days!

Sitting in this little library office today, I feel more relaxed than I have been since I was on the beach in Cuba. Sure this feeling will fade, only to be replaced with stress and axiety as my exam date rolls closer, but for now I am going to savour it.

How do you keep from being too busy? From doing too much? What surprising things make you feel relaxed?

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