Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sparked My Pinterest 04: Bathtubs in Bedrooms

Today's round of sparked my pinterest is a themed one:

Bathtubs in Bedrooms

I love to take a bubble bath, with a book, and candles and a glass of red wine. But let's be honest my tiny, windowless apartment bathroom is not exactly the most relaxing environment. So I've been day dreaming, and pinning bathtubs in bedrooms! enjoy!

And since pinterest has changed the way they let you embed pins.... apparently destroying some of my old posts along the way, I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way and link back to the original source!

This bedroom, with low rise bed and clawfooted tub is spa-like! source

 I could imagine that the master bath might be just off to the left of this gorgeous tub! source

The black painted tub, along with that chandelier are the perfect additions to what I can only assume is a massive walk in closet! source

You could soak all day in a tub this deep, and next to a fire place no less! source
The beachy view from this shell like tub make me wish I was in the tropics on vacation. source

And I suppose that if I can't have a tub in my bedroom, I mean it is a little impracticable right? I'd settle for a hot tub like this one on a bedroom patio, no? source

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