Thursday, June 13, 2013

What to Wear: On an Ice Cream Date

Aha! I am finally on top of my game enough to have a What to Wear ready this week. This time around, its for an Ice Cream Date! Which I actually went on this weekend!

This is a little outfit that I put together, trying to be fashionably current? I guess? Mainly what I am referring to is the matching of black combat style boots (from Spring) to a feminine looking dress (from H&M).

I picked up the dress for $15 bucks not too long ago, and way dying to wear int out!

I accessorized with some coral pink tights (because it's been pretty chilly here in Calgary lately) (also H&M) a cute belt (Aldo) and a layered necklace which I'll be featuring in a DIY-type post tomorrow!

The best part of doing a What to Wear on an Ice Cream Date? Eating the Ice Cream!

Or in this case Menchie's Frozen Yogurt! With all the toppings of course!

The rest of us are linked up over at Gypsy in Jasper! So feel free to join along! What would you wear out for Ice Cream?

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