Thursday, May 2, 2013

People I hate when Flying

This morning, as I do most Thursday mornings, I checked my youtube subscriptions for Jenna Marbles' new video (what can I say, I kind of adore her!). This week she gave us part 2 of her rant against people she hates at airports. Although I agreed with most of what she had to say, I will say, I have definitely been the girl travelling for more than a week with only a carry on... you can still trust me...backpacking round Europe/Hawaii last summer I decided was a more or less makeup free zone!

Having done quite a bit of travelling myself in the last month or so, I thought I'd share with you some of my own list of people I just can't stand at airports.

  1. They guy who needs to go through the metal detector like 10 times. Oh whats that, I forgot my belt on. Oh you mean this handful of nickles in my pocket will set it off too. Oh yeah car keys duh! Why don't you just do a pat down? Oh you found my under the shirt travel wallet, also full of change, and my cell phone in my pocket? Come on people! We all know how to do the airport security dance: coat, shoes, belt off, pockets empty, and come on! how can a belt even be comfortable on a plane?
  2. The carry on bag is waaaay too big people. First of all, this goes to all the flimsy armed women out there, if you can`t lift it into the overhead bin yourself, it`s too heavy/big and you have no business wheeling it onto the plane. Second, they have those 'does your bag fit in here' things all over the airport, do us all a favour and check. Third, you already dropped several hundred bucks to be on this plane, not including the 3-4 over priced airport bar drinks you guzzled before boarding. Stop being so cheep, and spend the extra 25 bucks to check your over sized bag, so our flight can be on time!
  3. People who abuse the "passengers travelling with young children may board now" rule. Let me just say this, if your child is old enough to be carrying on your extra giant carry on, then get back in the regular line! Also, travelling with your teenagers does not entitle you to board first, skip lines at security or get any other perks at all!
  4. People who insist on talking to me on the plane. Do I have headphones in? Are my eyes closed? If you can answer yes to either of this questions, close your mouth and leave me aloooone!
  5. People who ask me for the window seat. Look, I preselected this window seat when I booked my ticket. In some cases I probably even paid money for this window seat. No I will not trade for you middle/aisle. Now notice I have headphones in and refer to rule 4!
  6. People who drink tomato juice/clamato/ceasars on airplanes. Thank you. Thank you sooo much for choosing the smelliest possible beverage from the cart. Why do they even offer this stuff!
And finally I'd like to give a special shout out to the guy who once sat next to me on a Calgary-Toronto overnight flight, pulled out his boom box and asked 'so what does everyone want to listen to?' Congratulations on your first flight ever sir, maybe next time you'll realize how stupid you are!

Well there's a rant and a half for you all. What/who do you hate most about travelling?

Airplane safety photos come to you via safety mania.


  1. I love me a good rant! Well done! I used to love everything about flying. Even parking because I could see the planes. Now, it's an ordeal, and I think the security theatre is the worst part of it. If I was in charge, there would be no carry on, except for obviously fragile items carried in a clear plastic bag. Women's purses would be subject to a strict size and weight limit. If an iPad fits in it, it's too big. Parents with children are an exception. I'd allow them to fly with a discount, if the other passengers are allowed to liberally apply duct tape to the child.

    1. Haha reminds me of last year West Jet did a 'childless cabins' promo for april fools day, funny, but appealing!