Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

I haven't seen my Mom since Christmas, but in a little over 10 days I'll be heading home to remedy that. And truly I can't wait to see her (as well as the rest of my family).

5 things I love about my mom

1. She calls me everyday (or pretty close too it) and even if sometimes the conversation goes as follows "what's new?" "nothing since you called me yesterday" "ok I'll talk to you later" I appreciate her calls more than she knows.

2. She cares about my schooling and project, even if she doesn't really get the why/or what of it. My mom is one of my biggest supports for the past 7 years of post secondary education I've indulged in, and I couldn't have had the success I've had without her.

3. Speaking of which, I wouldn't be here in the first place without her. My mom was the kind of mom always eager to help with homework (writing orals and building diorama's in particular) and volunteer at and baked for just about any school function I'd let her. I think it makes a big difference in success at a young age to have parents who can in involved in some form or another.

4. She cares about me more than any other person in the world, and would protect me from anyone and anything that might hurt me.

5. She loves me enough, that even though she'd rather have me close to home, she supports me in living halfway across the country, in a City I'm in love with, at a School that is a perfect fit and pursuing dreams neither of us could have imagined up front.

Sure we bicker like cats and dogs, over the colour of my hair, how I am dressing, varied definitions of a clean apartment. Or one particularly memorable fight between her and a stubborn much much younger me over a pair of flower girl shoes that didn't fit me, but I absolutely had because the shoe box was so pretty. But how can we help it, we're both fiery Italian ladies, and the best way to know you love someone is to be able to scream yourself horse at them for 30minutes and not care at all that you did the next day. (ok maybe not the best way, but its who we are).

I can't imagine having any other mother than her. Friends of mine who barely talk to their mothers, keep secrets from them, or can't stand them at all... well I just don't understand it. So I love you mom, can't wait to see you this month and have you come visit me this summer. If I could fold the country in half to put Calgary next to Sault Ste. Marie I'd do it in a heart beat, but until then, never stop calling.

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