Monday, May 20, 2013

Can you change your own tire?

Last Sunday I had an eventful day.

Calgary is a very bike friendly city, and although (apart from one afternoon in Hawaii last summer) I haven't ridden a bike since some time in high school, I thought I better get on the bike thing. With an aim to spend two hundred dollars or less, I headed to walmart to see what they had to offer in a regular old fashioned bicycle.

Since I had drove to walmart, I rode the bike out of the store and to my boyfriends garage about 10 minutes away. I then interupted is studying (he had a med school exam on monday) and had him drive me back to my car. I kissed him goodbye and promised not to pester him for the rest of the day.

10 minutes later, I was on my cell phone, frantically begging him to come help me out. This had happened.

I had a bit of a disagreement with a curb (that's the story I'm sticking with). And so Kev was on his way to help change the tire. OK, I probably could have done it myself, I have learned how to in the past, but it was on the side of a busy road.... and you know.

Lucky for me, this was one of my winter tires (for my non-Canadian readers, yes, we have to put special snow driving tires on in the winter... and for my non-Calgarian readers, yes I still had them on at the beginning of May because it could very well have still been snowing). Luckier for me, my summer tires have their own rims as well, so I only had to drive with the spare for one day, before swapping to my summers.

Which Kevin made me do myself (well just the one), because I'm a capable, adult woman and all that jazz. At least it was a beautiful day,  and the hard ice tea in my cup was nice and cold.

Have you ever changed your own tire roadside? I know that one day, when I have kids, they wont be driving any car I've paid for until they show me they can do it themselves.

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