Sunday, February 17, 2013

26 Things Before 26

Today is my 25 birthday.

Last year I made a list of 25 things before 25. The list was kind of spur of the moment, a combination of fun ideas and goals I'd had for a while. I didn't complete them all, but it carried me through an incredible year.

This year I'll do it again.

26 things before I turn 26

 photo f3eab670-c212-40fd-b775-d0d01119bd1d_zps4e53350f.jpg
  1. Half Marathon
  2. Donate Blood Again
  3. Restock the Freezer
  4. Sunrise and Sunset in the same day
  5. Stand on the top of a Mountain
  6. Home Brew
  7. Bottle my own Wine
  8. More than 100 posts on each blog this year
  9. Read 100 books in 1 year
  10. First Author Paper
  11. Candidacy Exam
  12. Travel 5 times
  13. Take More Photos, More Often
  14. Start Swimming
  15. Buy a Bike
  16. Have Real Savings
  17. Try a Vlog (at least once)
  18. Only Say Yes when you really mean it!
  19. Take a road trip, for no reason!
  20. No more weeks off, always stay active!
  21. Read more Papers (not just when you have to)
  22. More music in your life, take a lesson or 2
  23. Send out your Xmas Cards (on time!)
  24. Yoga More, use your full Passport to Prana
  25. Knit some Baby Sweaters
  26. Be Amazed By Yourself, Constantly!
And I left some room, cause Kevin said he wanted to add some Plus ones!

I love goals like this, goals that are simple, that require only you to achieve, and that leave you more incredible than you were before.

Do you have a list of goals this year?


  1. Nice list! I've never done anything like that. You are going to have an incredible year. Again!

    1. Thanks! I've really gotten on the list making band wagon, and certainly would recommend it to anyone!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! and stopping by to comment!

  3. I kind of made a list, but not as soul uplifting as yours. Mine mostly has to do with professional projects and making money. I think my secret goal might be to have more Costa Rica in my heart.

    1. I make work lists and money lists and to do lists all the time, I think as a birthday gift to myself, I'd rather do a just for me list! Thanks for commenting, I've never been to Costa Rica, but it seems like something wonderful to keep close to your heart!

  4. Looks like a pretty good list to me! Here's to you making your 26 by 26 happen!

    {{ stopping by from SITS }}

    1. Thanks for the well wishes and stopping by to comment!

  5. WOW! I love that! You just urged me to go pen my own list!

    Visiting via SITS girls, Happy belated birth+SITS day! :D

    1. I'm glad to have inspired you! My first list last year was inspire by another blogger as well! It's my favourite thing about blogging, all the great ideas that get around. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  6. Great list! I have a life-long bucket list already, but I think yearly goals will probably aid in getting some of them accomplished! Short term goals are usually better for me than long-term. :)

    Thanks for another great read!

    1. Yeah, I don't really have a bucket list, just annual ones, and more important I keep the original copy on my desk so it's always reminding me to get at it! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  7. Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

    I love making goal lists. They are so inspiring and are great reminders of things that need doing to reach your personal goals. I haven't done one of those for a while. This really inspires me to make a similar list for when my birthday rolls around in June. I'm turning 29 this year, so it would be a perfect time to do a "30 before you're 30" list.

    Savor the rest of your 20s, it goes by so quickly!