Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yesterday Apothic Red

Yesterday was a great day.

Woke up early and had a Bagel BELT from Tim's.
   -usually I deny myself bagels...but they are an excellent pre-run carb source!

Ran the Dino Dash 10km in an hour and 6 minutes!
  -ran the Calgary Marathon 10km in the spring in like an hour 4, but I had done a lot more running leading up to that one. So I'm feeling proud of my time.

Roasted some peppers on the bbq at the boy's place, and ate chicken burgers for dinner.
  -is there any smell better than roasting peppers? probably, but last night we couldn't think of any.

Drank red wine...and not just a little, I'm pretty sure I killed a whole bottle and then some myself.
  -Had a bottle the boy had lying around, and rushed out to pick up one of Apothic Red... been drinking that  a lot lately, it's pretty yummy.

Watched the later half of Old School, and the beginning of Taledega Nights
  -nothing like drinking with friends and tuning in to a Will Ferrell Marathon

Went to Jamesons for a huge platter of appetizers, and some steam whistle beer
  -deep fried pickles and a great Toronto beer make for an excellent night!

Ran (literally) home from the bar, stopping periodically to kick and punch the spring back parking signs
  -Oh to be a reckless youth again if just for one night.

How has your long weekend been?

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