Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Pairs of New Shoes

So the runners I've been waring are a pair of nike's I got probably four years ago... they're old, and sad looking. Especially compared to all of the fun bright flashy runners that people are sporting these days. Plus they may or may not be contributing to a funky shin splint I've been having lately.

They other contributer might be my continued wearing of a pair of super run down toms day in and day out... which I know I walk oddly on the sides of my feet in (evident by the wear through on the inside only). SO combined I decided to get a new pair of runners and/or a pair of comfortable shoes I wouldn't mind wearing round the lab (better support than the toms).

Lucklily sportchek (which has the worst service ever BTW how long can it possibly take to find a pair of shoes.... and how can you forget 3 times what size I want when I'm the only customer there) had a buy one get one 50% off sale. So I eventually (it took almost an hour) walked away with these two pairs.

Love these bright pink and neon yellow asics... as the boyfriend said "do a lot of running at night do you?" and while no I don't I could in these bad boys... also they match the growing amount of lulu stuff I have that is neon yellow.

These nike's were picked out because 1 nike's have never let me down as far as runners go, and 2 they're a bit more sensibly coloured for day time wear. I'd link back to the nike website... but it's so gosh darn difficult to find my way to the shoes, I just can't be bothered.... sorry nike...

I haven't run in either of them yet, but promise to give one pair of them a go tomorrow night and let you know all about it.

As for the third pair of shoes, last week I had my first ballet class in years... and I pulled out my old leather split soled slippers... and although my feet haven't grown (I swear) they just felt horribly restrictive the whole class... so I thought, well I haven't bought a new pair since I was like 16.... it's time to treat myself.

I went with canvas rather than leather...cause I just don't have it in me to break em in. Hopefully these lovely ladies work like a charm. Added bonus, I didn't have to sew elastics on, and there's no annoying strings to have to remember to keep tucked in.

So that's three new pairs of shoes... and I'm still looking for a fourth pair. I need a pair of black peep toed shoes... in like a two inch max heel... apparently I'm too tall for my current pair in my bridesmaids dress for next month.

Do any shoe shopping lately?


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  2. Love these splendid pink and neon yellow asics... as the sweetheart said "do a great deal of running during the evening do you?" keeping in mind no I don't I could in these terrible young men... additionally they coordinate the developing measure of lulu stuff I have that is neon yellow.