Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some seriously tasty Baking

Ok, so I spent most of this weekend reminded by my body that I might be too old for Keg stands, and drinking tequila from the bottle.

But before that I did some excellent baking from two recipe's I had pinned a while back.

1: These apple cinnamon squares are too die for, and so fall appropriate... wish I had had some vannilla ice cream on them.

2: First time ever making brownies from scratch (I've been a terrible supported of the box mix brownies for far too long) this recipe came out the perfect mix of crisp outer, gooey inner. I held off on the red food colouring tho because 1: I only had one small thing of it and 2: it's an intimidating amount to make them just that red.

Anyways, it was the first bit of baking I'd done in a while, another set of recipe's crossed off my pinterest list.

Check out what other food's I'd love to bake here, including a fantastic looking apple pie and some orange creamsicle cupcakes that remind me of summer.

*Oh and I've been a terrible non runner this past week... but increadibly busy, this week I'll do better I promise.

Have you baked anything tasty lately?

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