Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween from top to bottom : Pumpkin Carving, Party Snacks and a Costume Throwback

Happy Halloween folks!

It's nearly time to get trick or treating, and this year I'm more ready than most.

First of all, I actually got a little festive around my apartment with some decorations and a pumpkin or two.

And I filmed and YouTubed the carving process of my pumpkin, it took about 55min of speed carving, the video is sped up tho (since who would want to watch that in real time?)

And don't you just love this adorable cross-stitched pumpkin? After seeing these on the cover of a home and garden type magazine, I just knew I wanted to give it a try. Here's the How-To Video! No skills required.

So with my apartment sufficiently festive, I had to get my stuff together for our annual pumpkin carve off. A traditional boozing and pumpkin extravaganza. Kevin and I were very critical of the pumpkins we selected, and spent about half an hour digging through bins of pumpkins at the Co-op. These were our final 4.

During the carve off, we have two 30 minute carving periods and 4 alcoholic beverages that need to be consumed, needless to say, people have bled on their pumpkins in past years. Not this year tho. I loved the way my creepy pumpkin turned out!

Everyone else's pumpkins turned out great too. As per usual, I've censored a few, I left the unicorns, which Kevin carved (back-story there's a prize given out for the naughtiest pumpkin) since that's just nature. (sorry mom)

If you want to see past carve off pumpkins, you can go read my post from last year.

This year, I also stepped up my ultimate house wife game, and brought snacks and jello shooters to the party. I promptly forgot to take any pictures of the shooters, which were of the pumpkin pie and candy corn variety. Also of the massive seven layer dip. But I did remember to grab a picture of this guy.

These Halloween Guacamole Pumpkins are all over pinterest. and are super easy to make. Just whip up a large batch of your favourite guacamole. Then grab a small pumpkin (I used a pie pumpkin) and carve up the face you make when you've had a few too many tequilas. Put some of the guac in the pumpkin and spew the rest out from it's mouth onto a platter. So easy!

Now on to my costume for this year.

I decided to go with a recreation, inspired by a jacket I picked up on ridiculous mark-down at Scotch and Soda last Christmas.

Here's the original childhood costume. Wasn't I just adorable!

So good.

Here's the line up for this year.

Jacket is Scotch and Soda, Dress from Top Shop, Shoes are Spring and Purse is H&M. Wig is painted white with acrylic arts paint... also it's mirror reversed (oops!)

I'll share some photos all done up tomorrow, as I'm off to go channel my inner Glenn Close, do my makeup and head out the door!

Happy Halloween Folks!

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  1. All of these costumes are really distinctive and specific.. I'm sure Halloween occasion would be so entertaining and joyful.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting