Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Learning How to Edit a Photo in Photoshop

One of the perks of being a student well into my 20s is having access to student discount prices. And for the Adobe Creative Cloud package of software, the discount is pretty respectable.

So I've decided to take full advantage of that, and not only have the software, but really learn how to do it.

Then, because why not (I mean what else is a blog for), I thought I'd share the process with the world wide web (that's a three word alliteration we don't use much anymore isn't it? I mean we've pretty much dropped the www altogether).

Anyways, Adobe has some great tutorials right on their website, so I thought I'd start there with this intro to How to Edit a Photo in Photoshop CC.

And in doing so I turned this picture (as provided for the tutorial):

Into this picture:

And dudes! don't I feel all professional and stuff.

This simple 19 minutes of videos took me though the basics (like cropping, re-sizing and straightening), through how to edit out defects like magic (look the crack in the yellow base is just gone, also the dot in the sky and I moved an island), how to recolour, black and whitify and show selective colour. And more!

Basically I feel like I can handle anyone's photo retouching needs now!

Here's a list of keyboard short cuts I learned (mainly for the sake of writing them out again to remember them).

z- zoom tool
b - brush tool
v - move tool
[ - make brush smaller
] - make brush larger
ctrl 0 - fit to screen
shift F5 - open fill dialog box
ctrl u - open hue and saturation box
and of course ctrl s is save

So yeah, maybe not a super interesting post, but frig has photoshop gotten a lot more powerful then when I used to use it to make those pixel paper dolls back high school.

don't know what I'm talking about... these things....

Basically you just drew outfits and hair on a body shape, and there were online communities and blogs and contests and stuff.

This is what I did on my computer until the wee hours of the morning... cause you know I was cool like that.

Wow this post took a random turn.

Happy Tuesday.


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