Monday, October 26, 2015

Ninja Master Prep Food Processor Review: Chops fruit, veggies, ice and fingers

Let the title of this post be a warning, things might get a little graphic.

Once upon a time, when I was a young undergrad student, I had a magic bullet. 

And long story short, it sucked.

It struggled with frozen fruit, often just spinning chunks around without blending them. Ice was another no go. And don't get me started on the time I tried to make hummus in it.

So pretty much I was left with a cupboard full of cups and rims and lids and disappointment.

So I let it go, and moved on to a very regular blender. Like the 19 dollar variety from Walmart. And for a while life was good. It made smoothies, soups and sauces with ease. And on the weekend? well let me just say welcome to MargaritaVille.

But eventually I grew tired of the pain it was to clean the stupid thing. the space it took on my counter, and it's true inability to make a green smoothie. Rather than blend spinach or kale into the smoothie making it a beautiful green colour, I'd end up with a sad pink smoothie with little bits of green leaf throughout.

Plus I began to dream of bigger and better things, a true food processor. Something that I could through vegetables into, without anything else and chop them up into itty bitty pieces. So when Kevin moved to Medicine Hat, I sent my blender friend with him, to start a new life making protein smoothies post workout.

And last month I treated myself to a Ninja.

A Ninja Master Prep to be specific. Something that could dual function as both a blender and a food processor. Something that comes apart for cleaning easily. Something that I immediately fell in love with. And on sale for only $40, how could I say no.

Right away a put it to the test, and it breezed through crushing ice, making fruit smoothies and chopping onions. I pushed him further, into the world of pumpkin puree, hummus, cauliflower rice. And never an issue.

It seemed those gleaming ninja blades could slice through anything like butter.

And I had no idea how right I was about that.

The damn thing sliced right through my finger.

So now we've settled into a working relationship where I have a healthy dose of caution and respect for my ninja. He does his work for me, and I never let my guard down.


  1. Replies
    1. yeah I've heard magical things... that's a one day purchase, and it will go next to my dream kitchenaid stand mixer.

  2. $40?! That's crazy. We have a vitamix, which I love, and while it claims you can use it as a food processor, I haven't had much luck with it for that purpose. Or I just need more practice.

    And ouch!!

    1. haha I just pictured what practice would look like (me in the kitchen with piles of vegetables chopped to various sizes all around me)

  3. My parents have a ninja (different than the one pictured) and I absolutely hated it. The top was annoying as hell to *lock* in all the time, the plastic canister always looked dirty, the blade is a BITCH to clean and it didn't smoothly blend anything I want. END RANT. But hey, it's WAY better than the cheapo versions! Hope your finger heals!

    1. excellent rant, this has no 'lock' mechanism, but I think the one my mom has does. Finger is mostly healed... this happened a couple weeks ago, I've just been meaning to blog it for a while.

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