Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Classy Lululemon Bags: a dificult decision

The past week and a half has been a total wirl wind. I got back from Cuba, well relaxed, and was imediately thrown back into things. With a Talk and a Poster to present in Boston this weekend, a major committee meeting, the last two days of classes for the course I TA, planning the social events for our departmental retreat, and trying to get a little bit of science done. Add to that still having what I'm beginning to believe is tuberculosis (well not really), and you can see why I haven't been posting.

To celebrate getting through everything on my giant list, I thought I'd head into Lululemon, and treat myself to the gorgeous bag I've been eyeing for about a month.

The Vinyasa to Vino Bag, Neoprene, Black

Isn't it pretty and super classy?  This large, zippered bag would be great to carry my laptop, a spair pair of shoes, a sweater and water bottle around in at the Conference I'm attending this weekend in Boston.

However, when I got to the store, they had the Urban Oasis Tote, Neoprene, Black on mark down to $79 bucks! Compared to the Vinyasa bag at $138, I had to consider it. So I put both bags side by side on a table and here's the comparison I made.

Needless to say I went with the Oasis Tote! It's packed full and ready to go to Boston with me tomorrow. I will be there until next Wednesday, then I'm off to Banff for our departmental retreat Thursday Friday. I'm a busy girl, what can I say? Hopefully I'll find time to write some posts while I'm away, if not enjoy your week!

What bag would you buy? Vinyasa or Oasis?

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  1. I too went with the Urban Oasis tote. Do you still use yours? Has has it fared in the 12 months since you purchased it? The bottom of my bag has stretched out a bit, owing to all of the law casebooks I carry around with me. I still use it often when I don't want to use my backpack.