Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tea....Tea....Tea Cozy?

So I've been on the tea wagon a bit lately... and as my collection grows, I decided I needed a pretty, cozy place for them to live. I decided a shoe box would do. But I thought I'd glue gun makeover that shoe box first.

What I used?

Extra fabric squares, left over from making the quilt from this Sparked My Pinterest. The shoe box which my new nike runners came in (featured here). And the glue gun that my brother got me for Christmas a few years ago (I maintain that a house is not a home without a glue gun, and that if duct tape is the handy man's secret weapon, then hot glue is the handy woman's).

Three minor finger burns later and voila!

Are you on the tea band wagon? Do you think it's here to stay? I don't drink coffee, so tea's an awesome alternative!

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