Monday, October 29, 2012

I Heart My Body

A little bit belated, but I found my way to this link up via Fat Mum Slim (love your blog lady!) and thought what a great idea, I have to spread it around.

Link up over at We Heart Life, and check out some of the other lovely ladies participating.

The challenge, its simple, post a picture of your self and tell the world why you love your body. Share via Twitter or whatever other social network floats your boat, spread some love to other linkees, and leave a comment finishing the sentence "True Beauty is...."

Here's me:

I ran a spartan race this summer (read about it here) and despite getting heat stroke, it was one of my proudest accomplishments. A hour in the sun spent pushing body to do things I never knew it could.

I heart my body because:

  • It surprises me with it's growing strength and resilience.
  • Its kind to me (genetics/health/metabolism) and so I treat it kindly (diet/exercise/fun/love).
  • Its the only one I've got, and the only one I want.

So why do you heart your body? link it up!


  1. Thank you for joining in Sara. I love Fat Mum Slim too! I was in tears when she emailed me telling me her post was scheduled and ready to go.


  2. Cute blog! I am visiting from 20somethingbloggers! I love this idea of reasons why your love your body! I wish more people would view it as such! I would say the reasons I love my body are: it helps me to help other people (i am a physical therapist), it is more resilient than I ever imagined and its mine- my one and only shot!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Those are great reasons to love your own body. A huge part of loving your body I think comes not from the physical, but from its inner strength!