Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Tutus

While perusing Lulu's blog, I came across this post featuring a Tutu they created for the National Ballet of Canada's 60th anniversary.

I immediately hopped over to the National Ballet's website to see the rest, and have to admit I did some drooling and reminiscing of when I used to dance (even tho I almost never got to wear a tutu).

Here's a few favourites:

 Odile from Swan Lake - First Performed May 5, 1999. Designed by Santo Loquasto.

 I've always loved the black swan costumes from Swan Lake, and this one is particularly perfect.

 Designed and built by Edgar Wong Baxter Jr., Steve Reaume, Nicholas Aoki, Finlay Patterson and Bellavance on behalf of Narwhal Art Projects and Metatecture.

This bad boy is equipped with LEDs and motions sensors to control the colours, how amazing would it be to preform in?

Tutu Cozy. Designed and Built by Svetlana Lavrentieva. National Open-Call for Artists selection.

  Hudson's Bay Company blanket tutu anyone? Those stripes are a national Canadian icon, what better salute to the National Ballet of Canada.

All tutu pictures came from the National Ballet of Canada's site here.

Also I really, really want one of these blankets.

So as soon as I have a little more money to my name (pay day can't come soon enough) I'm registering for a couple of dance classes this fall.... because let's be honest, I miss it!


In other news I'm back from travelling to Colorado, Camping the Canada Day long weekend, Hawaii, and the Calgary Stampede. Lots of exiting posts about that to come, all while I avoid working on my research proposal (ahhhhh grad school why!!!).

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