Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dinner for One

Ever just need an entire day to yourself to just do nothing? Today was mostly that (minus a 4km run with the boy this morning during which my legs nearly gave up on life, but at least the sun was shining).

This afternoon was spent cozy in my bed with a book (Lord of Chaos, Robert Jordan....I'm rereading the Wheel of Time). Then as dinner time rolled around I took a wander around Uptown 17th... picked up some Starbucks (the new Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher super tasty) and grabbed a dinner for 1 from King's.

Made with something they're calling 'green coffee extract' I thought it was one: pretty tasty and two: unfortunately mostly ice in the cup. I saw an ad in a magazine that they should be selling canned versions and 'VIA' just add to water packets but saw neither in the store...are these in Canada? I would like them for work probably.

What I ate for dinner in front of my TV.... King's Chinese Food, dinner for one with chicken chop suey and sweet and sour chicken balls...enough food for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, all for 10.45 after tax. King's is right around the corner, and ready in 10min, free delivery if you're feeling lazy or spend $25, and huuuge portion sizes, fresh food. Only down side is the spring rolls taste a tiny bit like's a bit odd.

But that's just another thing I love about living in Uptown 17th....chinese food for dinner when ever I want it....even if my waist line won't be pleased with me. While I waited I walked down the street to Daily Globe News on 17th and picked up a copy of OM Yoga...and was shocked at seriously how many amazing magazines this little hole in the wall shop has.

Tonight I am changing up the look of my blog slightly.... chilling in my bra since it is hot as funk in my apartment and catching up on blogs (since I've missed out on that while traveling for the last month).

And oh yes, that is a Palm Bay with my dinner.... and I won't be judged, it was delicious!

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