Monday, July 30, 2012

I hate being a grown up

Woke up this morning to a flipping messy apartment.

Made it even messier by depositing the contents of my storage closet onto my living room floor to get at my summer tires.

Carried the summer tires down to my car by myself.

Felt pathetic for only just getting the winter's off on July 30th.

Took car for service,oil change and tire swap.

Spent hour on the phone with visa getting new card activated, old one inactivated, and a travel note put on my account for this weekend.

Received phone call that I needed new brakes. Cost of car maintenance instantly doubles.

Came home to apartment that looks like an episode of hoarders....there was legit a vacuum cleaner and suitcase in my tiny bathroom.

Proceeded with the clean up.

The following Jenna Marbles Video sums up my feelings about today perfectly.

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