Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I Packed for Italy Part 2

Just got back from Italy on Thursday, and it was an amazing trip, so much sun, so much food, so much wine.

I would have stayed there forever if I could have.

Anyways, I've got 500odd pictures from the trip to go through, but in the mean time I thought I'd show you what I packed for 10 days in Southern Italy in June. I traveled with only a carry-on weekend style bag, and purse sized backpack (blogged about it here)

First off... to organize things in my bag, I spent some time sewing a couple simple zip-up garment bag, and two pouches for make-up/toiletries...I'd highly recommend something like this to keep things organized. I had one for clothes, one for beach, one for underthings.

OK, so beach! Brought 4 bikinis....wore 3 of them.... (Nude and blue from H&M, Black by volcom, striped from Old Navy) and a pink beach wrap I picked up in the Dominican Republic like 4 years ago.

Shorts and shirts, I ended up leaving the pink shorts (Forever21) and blue tank (?) at home at the last minute. Grey lulu tank (last seen at that yoga-orgy thing which BTW the sweater and tights that day is what I wore on the plane), pink tank and blue shorts H&M, black t-shirt F21. I wore the shorts once... and last minute added in a pair of lulu studio pants capri length in cream and wore them twice.

Dresses, Purple Lulu, it's a cinch dress (wore it alot over bathing suits) Black cotton dress from French Connection, grey mullet dress (short in the front long in the back) some random brand, picked up at winners for $12bucks. I wore the grey and black dress twice each.

Printed maxi skirt and orange t-shirt from Forever 21, I wore the skirt tied and belted as a dress twice and didn't wear the T. Strapless dress from American Eagle, worn once, le sack dress from American Apparel, worn once.

Dressier maxi dress from (oddly enough) Sirens, wore it out to dinner once, little black sweater (I've had it for too long to remember where it's from.

Shoes... Brown and black leather sandals fro Aldo... wore them a couple times. Left the white ones (?) at home at the last minute. Black ankle sandals (?) wore them once for a mad dash through Rome Termini station. Wedges from Spring, wore them quite a bit to dinner. Black, 3 dollar old navy flip flops...wore these about 75% of the trip, had no blisters what soever. Not pictured was the pair of Toms I wore in the flights.

So that's basically what I packed for clothing, I probably could have cut out a few dresses, but I'd rather be wearing different things in different pics and not have to do laundry.

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  1. How is the fit of the H&M nude bikini, especially the top? (: