Friday, May 18, 2012

Flow in the dark and lululemon Teambuy give-away

This week (as it turns out) is National Yoga Week.

To celebrate, lululemon teamed up with East Village Calgary to throw a free 'Flow in the Dark' yoga class last night at the historical Simmons Building (an old mattress factory), led by Ally Bogard of Gaiatri Yoga and featuring  DJ Wax Romeo.

So we all dressed up in white, neon and glow sticks... packed in mat-to-mat....and experienced what I would describe as a  Yoga/Rave/Orgy/Tribal Dance/Sweat Sauna as we tried to "wake up in the dream time" and release the "medicine men and women within our DNA". Overall it was an incredible experiance, something I would definitely repeat (next time with neon body paint too!) and possibly the only time I'll ever get to smell like ~350 different people's sweat.

Here's a couple pics taken with my blackberry:

 Sarah and I waiting outside in the freezing drizzle (luckily David's Tea was there giving away free samples to warm you up a bit)
 Getting glow sticks on in the dark.
 Awesome new lulu top looking extra funky, me looking relatively human before the class started.
(it's the namaste tank.....they only have black on the website right now)
 People in our area warming up.... the orange's looked the best!

Looking a little bit more like my 'inner medicine" woman at the end of the class!

In other news, Teambuy is giving away 2 $1000 lululemon gift cards... so here's the link:

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