Thursday, June 22, 2017

Twins at Frank Slide in June

This week my brother Mark made a stopover here in Crowsnest Pass to visit the boys and us on his way through to Vernon, BC. And since it's just down the road, we of course visited the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. It's just what we do when Uncles come to visit.

It was a little windy up top, so we took the path down into the slide.

There are a few things that are crystal clear from this sequence of photos. First, it is painfully difficult to get one year old twins to both look at the camera at the same time.

Second, my boys hate socks and shoes, but we really need to work on that.

Third, yes they need a hair cut. Like really badly now. But that'll happen this July in Calgary.... for sure.

Twins with Uncle Mark.

And with mommy.

Afterwards we came home to find someone new has taken up residence in our yard.

Seriously, since the boys were born last June, there have been deer in our yards, all of the time.

So since we decided that maybe we shouldn't carry the boys past the deer to get into our house, we'd go for beer and poutine instead.

Oh yeah.... look! I wrote on my blog! it's been more than just a while. Maybe I'll get into the habbit of this again now that the boys have been 1 for almost a month...... or maybe it'll be another 6 or so months before I post again... no promises.