Monday, August 12, 2013

Saskatoon Berry Picking

On the long weekend, right before heading off to run the Calgary Color Me Rad, I headed out berry picking with our lab tech Mona (@celli_beans).

We headed down the Deerfoot and out of town to Okotoks and the Saskatoon Berry Farm, to U-pick ourselves some berries. I had never had a fresh Saskatoon berry before (think blueberry crossed with cranberry) and was looking forward to picking some.

The berries grow on bushes, and we got there right at the peak of the season, as they were getting nice and ripe and purple.

It wasn't long before we had filled up our buckets ($14 dollars worth of berries each). I took mine home to make into Saskatoon Berry Jam.

How else do you enjoy Saskatoon Berries?

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